[vc_row t_padding=”5x” b_padding=”1x”][vc_column][creativez_ut_heading title=”WELCOME to our website!” description=”Kostas Kaouras & Sons is a metal construction company located in Paralimni, Cyprus. We’re a passionate and hard-working group of people who know how to create anything out of metal and turn any idea into reality. In fact, we have been creating well designed and solid objects out of metal for over 30 years for our customers!” title_align=”center” divider_color=”primary_color”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row” content_placement=”middle” t_padding=”5x” b_padding=”1x”][vc_column][creativez_ut_iconbox column=”vc_col-sm-4″ iconbox_style=”style-2″ hover_border=”yes” t_padding=”0x” animated=”fadeIn” animation_delay=”300″ text_align=”center”][creativez_ut_iconbox_item title=”Quality constructions” title_link=”http://www.kaourasgates.com” link=”|||” icon=”i_image” i_color=”palette_color_2″ i_image=”3023″]For over 25 years, Kostas Kaouras & Sons has earned a reputation for excellence in quality metal & steel fabrication and customer service. A company that you can trust![/creativez_ut_iconbox_item][creativez_ut_iconbox_item title=”Experience & Technology” title_link=”” link=”|||” icon=”i_image” i_color=”palette_color_2″ i_image=”3025″]Our commitment to latest technology and personell experience allows your project to go from concept to production with high quality materials, on budget, on time and to your custom specifications. [/creativez_ut_iconbox_item][creativez_ut_iconbox_item title=”High Standards” title_link=”” link=”|||” icon=”i_image” i_color=”palette_color_2″ i_image=”3027″]We can manufacture products from materials that include mild, galvanized, stainless and alumninized steel, as well as aluminum, copper and brass. We have the ability to shear, form and weld any of these materials into high quality products that meet or exceed industry standards[/creativez_ut_iconbox_item][/creativez_ut_iconbox][/vc_column][/vc_row]